Top Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I upload my artwork to be printed?

File uploading takes place on the product page if you choose the option to "Upload your artwork". If the uploads fail to transfer properly, please email your artwork to and include your order number in the subject line.

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Will color match my print job?

No, we do not color match jobs. Because of limitations with the Gang-Run printing process, the differences in equipment, paper, and neighboring image ink requirements, the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed. We will accept no responsibility for color variations between submitted files and the final printed piece. Under no circumstances will a reprint be honored for color variations that have occurred during the printing process.

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At what resolution should I submit my files?

Files should be submitted at least at 300 DPI. Submitting a file with a resolution less than 300 DPI will result in a blurry and or pixelated print. In this situation, we hold no responsibilty for the result of the print job.

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What colors do you use to print? Can I use PMS colors? ONLY prints using the CMYK process. We do not print in RGB, PMS or any other color mode.

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What is the turnaround time for my order?

Our standard turnaround time is 24-48 Hours for most products that do not require any post-press production such as folding, scoring, perforation etc. Some products that require more production steps can range anywhere from 3-7 days depending on the exact specs of the job. Turnaround times are for production only and do not include shipping transit time.
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Will I always receive the exact amount and size of what I order?

As a print industry standard, a 10% overrun / under-run is considered acceptable. Under-run's are the exception but it can occur on occasion. Regarding final size, due to the INEVITABLE tolerances in paper mills, on printing presses, and on cutters, the final size of your job may vary slightly.

For example, if you submit a 4 x 6 the final size can be as small as 3 7/8 x 5 7/8 (3.875 x 5.875). This is a printing standard and is completely acceptable.

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Will proof my job before it goes to print?

We do not proof jobs! By the time the job goes to the press, all edits should be final, the copy carefully proof read, and design issues settled. When you go to press, make sure the copy has been pre approved. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PROOFING ANY SUBMITTED JOBS. back to top

What are your payment terms? does not offer credit to any customers. All orders must be paid in full before going to print, no exceptions.

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How do I cancel a job already in progress?

Due to the nature of the 24 hour turnaround, we process jobs as soon as they are received. If you need to cancel an order you have placed, you must contact us and speak to a representative. If we can catch the job before it goes to print, we will be more than happy to cancel it, but if the job is already plated and scheduled for production, you are responsible for full payment.

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We look forward to serving you and to continuing to deliver the best possible service to all of our customers nationwide! team